Fine Imagery For Hospitality, Real Estate, Restaurant and Architecture


Cottages are very rewarding to photograph because of the challenge involved in making them look both inviting and accurate to size. This image of a cottage living room/kitchen area looks just the way you see it as you see it from the doorway.

If objects in a room are spaced apart, you can sometimes have your web or brochure designer use that space for a caption - here, the empty space on the carpet might work well for a descriptive caption.

This is an example of showing a distant view without "blowing out" the foreground with the use of an overly bright flash.

This is the upstairs living and bedroom of a Select Registry lodging in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Capturing a scene like this with a combination of light and shadow can be tricky, but when done properly presents a nice scene that will attract a couple interested in a cozy cottage with a nice place to sit and relax.

This cottage was particularly challenging because it a gazebo shape, and there is a combination of white and dark walls. The object here was to get everything into the view - the sofa, refrigerator, dining table, interesting doors and kitchen in the background. It works, and does not exaggerate the size of the space.